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    <b>Power turns on and off automatically</b><br>
    Adjustable ratcheting headband with quality foam headstrap for superior comfort<br><br>

    <b>Full conformity with CE and ANSI Z87 Standards</b><br>
    Polymide Nylon Construction with textured helmet surface<br><br>

    Light state: DIN4<br>
    Dark state: DIN9-13 ( 9,11 or 13 )<br>
    Switching time: <0.5ms at room temperature<br>
    Delay time Setting: slow/ fast:0.2s~0.8s<br>
    Viewing area: 3.7 x 1.73 inch<br>
    Cartridge Size: 4.33 x 3.54 x 0.2 inch (4-1/3" x 3-5/9" x 1/5")<br>
    UV penetration:<0.0003 at 313mm-365nm<br>
    IR penetration:<0.027 at 780mm-1300nm<br>
    <0.085 at 1300mm-2000mm<br>
    Operating Temperature: 14℉- 140C℉<br><br>

    <b>Package include:</b><br>
    1 x Welding Helmet<br>
    1 x Adjustable Headband<br>
    1 x User Manual<br><br>