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    Why choose our DEKO MMA ARC Welding Machine ?
    This is our DEKO 160A MMA Welder which will enable you to obtain a professional finish in welding,
    car bodywork, and many other thin steel welding process. With this welding tool, you can now
    experience many advantages of the MMA welding process. Don't hesitate to buy it now!

    The welding voltage can be continue adjusting to exactly match welding current.
    On-off frequency is out of audio frequency,nearly abate the noise pollution
    Special welding dynamic characteristic control the circuit,stable welding arc
    Little spatter,good welding surface,high welding efficiency

    Material:steel frame and plastic handle
    Net weight:12.1 lbs
    Package Dimension:11.4" x 4.92"x 7.87"
    Length of power cord:71.6"
    Input Voltage: Ac110/220V
    Input Power:5.8KW
    No-load Voltage:60V
    Current Range:10-160(A )
    Rated Duty Cycle(%): 40/60
    Power Factor:0.85
    Protection Grade:IP21S

    Package Includes:
    1X MMA Welder
    1X Electrode Holder & 9.28 ft. Cable
    1X Work Clamp & 9.55 ft. Cable
    1X Input Power Adapter Cable & Plug
    1X Plug adapter & 19.3 inch 1X Brush & 3.26 inch
    1X Owner’s Manual

    1.Only qualified personnel or professionals that have relevant knowledge of welders are allowed
    to operate the wire feed welder machine.
    2.Electrical connection should be operated after distribution box shut down.
    3.Protection class is IP21S,it is not allowed to use in rain.