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    <b>Why Choose DEKO 1500W Heat Gun</b><br><br>

    <b>Three Temperatures Settings</b><br>
    Different jobs need different temperatures.So a mini heat gun with one temperature will not meet your needs. <br>
    The 1500-watt heat shrink gun for crafts has three temperature adjustments.It can heat up to between 140℉and 1112℉(60℃- 600℃).<br><br>

    <b>Perfect Design for Extended Use</b><br>
    With a corrosion resistant nozzle and rugged, lightweight handle,the DEKO temperature gun is durable enough<br>
     to power through tough jobs and big projects.<br><br>

    Strong Power: 1500W<br>
    Input: 110V, 60Hz<br>
    Power Source:AC<br>
    Cable Length: 5.9ft<br>
    Item Weight:1.52 lb<br>
    Package Dimensions: 1.7*9.5*3.3inch <br><br>

    <b>3 Temperatures setting :</b><br>
    Min:140℉ (60℃)<br>
    Median:752℉ (400℃)<br>
    Max: 1112℉ (600℃)<br><br>

    <b>Dual airflow setting:</b><br>
    Low: 250L/min<br>
    High: 500L/min<br>