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    Production Description
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    • Model:DKMS01
    • Voltage/Frequency:230 V/50Hz
    • Weight:0.96kg
    • No Load Speed:11,000/min
    • Sanding surface:   140*140*90mm

                                                                  DEKO DKMS01 130W mouse sander

    The DEKO DKMS01 130W mouse sander bringing DIYers close to the work surface, This sander provides fast, efficient material removal with  power generating 11,000 orbits per minute. The switch is activated by pressing down naturally with the palm of the hand as if the sander is in use. This tool is designed to allow carpenters and cabinet makers to complete their tasks quickly and to exacting standards, without swirl marks. This sander allows users to find the perfect speed for whatever task they need to complete, with an optimal on-board system for filtering fine dust.
    Special Features
    DEKO Official Store





    The sander features random orbital action for a high removal rate and a high-quality finish. The sandering surface is 140 x 140 x 90mmmm, and the tool weighs in at only 0.96kg, furnishing remarkable sanding effectiveness in a tool that is straightforward and easy to deal with

    Right Speed for the Task  



    This random orbit sander includes variable-speed control, so users can demand the exactly right speed for each individual task. The speed is 11000opm, with a single speed of 11,000 opm,



    The hook and loop system allows users to make fast and easy paper changes  


    The sander has a dust sealed switch to keep all dust and debris out, to extend tool life. The microfilter dust canister curtails dust spillback into the sander. This ensures that users aren't breathing in too much dust on the job  
    Commodities Include  


       1.Mouse Sander 2.9 Sheets of sandpaper 3.Dust exhaust pipe  4.User Manual   
    DEKO Official Store


    Technical Details
    DEKO Official Store


    Model Numbe DKMS01   Weight 0.96kg
    Voltage/Frequency 230V/50Hz Sanding Surface 140*140*90mm
    Power Input 130W Product Dimensions 160*100*130mm
    No Load Speed 11,000/min Power Source Corded-Electric
    Color Yellow and Black Include 1.Mouse Sander 2.9 Sheets of sandpaper 3.Dust exhaust pipe  4.User Manual